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The Story Behind the Store

Theresa Hughes

Meet Theresa!

Theresa Hughes entered Goodwill’s Life Skills Development program for adults with disabilities after her mom passed away. At 50 years old, it was a pivotal point in her life.

“Man has it paid off!” she says.

Theresa progressed from processing donations at Goodwill’s Pinellas Park donation center to working every day at our St. Petersburg superstore on 34th Street. She has exceeded expectations in a variety of tasks, and now is able to sort and tag items before they go on the sales floor.

“I’ve just moved on down the line,” she says. “I do what I can do, and it’s awesome!”

Speaking of awesome:  This year, for the first time ever, Theresa is living independently in her own apartment. She is very proud that she was able to buy new furniture, a 43-inch TV, and her first set of pots and pans.

“It’s wonderful, I love my apartment. I get up every day and clean it!”

Theresa’s next goal, with the help of her Goodwill employment coach, is to leave the Goodwill “nest” and transition into community employment. She has her sights set on getting a job at Publix or Trader Joe’s, and she’s confident she’s up to the challenge.

“Because I have a disability, it makes me feel so good when people know I can do things!”

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