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Success Stories

Bernice AndersonWhen Bernice Anderson, a retired St. Petersburg woman, found herself going to the bank to make withdrawals far more often than she was making deposits, she knew a change was in the cards.

But for seniors, job searching can be a daunting and unfamiliar task. Traditional newspaper want ads are all but gone and statistics say it takes older workers longer to find a job once unemployed. And businesses tend to hire younger employees, although Bernice retired after decades of experience with General Motors.

Luckily her search began in Goodwill’s Job Connection Center, where an employment specialist quickly got her on the right track. With the help of the Job Connection Center staff she ended up with four job offers at once! She now enjoys her cashier job at a local grocery chain.

“I don’t know if I would’ve enjoyed looking for work until I went to the Job Connection Center,” she said. “I can’t say enough about them. They’re so happy to help.”

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