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Goodwill is a Helper. But Now We’re Asking for Your Help.

For more than 65 years Goodwill-Suncoast has been committed to serving those in need. Now, the helpers need your help. Unlike typical nonprofits, who rely almost exclusively on philanthropic contributions, we rely on our retail sales. Through the sale of your material donations, we earn 83% of what we need to operate. With social distancing recommendations in our service area, this critical revenue stream has suddenly and unexpectedly dropped dramatically, putting over 500 jobs and
Goodwill’s services in jeopardy.
Your generous gift today will help us continue to help others. 

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Round Up to Give

There are two simple ways to “Round Up” your purchases to the next dollar and automatically support Goodwill! The first is opting to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar when asked at any Goodwill-Suncoast location.  

The second is an option to Round Up wherever you shop, at a predetermined monthly amount you choose,  via a secured transaction. To quickly and easily set up your private account (Goodwill-Suncoast will not possess any of your card information) click the Round Up button to the right and get started! 

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