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Goodwill-Suncoast's Guiding Principles

our guiding principles

Treat all People with Dignity, Respect and Compassion

We will respect each individual’s contribution to the mission. Our services, stores, programs, and community interactions will be grounded in dignity, respect and compassion for every person, employee, donor, shopper, service participant and community partner supporting Goodwill’s work and mission. 

Value Work and Lifelong Learning as Transformational

We believe that work and lifelong learning transforms lives and strengthens communities.  We will demonstrate this in our programs and services to both the community and our own employees.

Build Trust through Collaboration and Partnerships

We will be a trustworthy partner in helping people help themselves. Through education and outreach, we will develop expertise across our business segments to serve as an indispensable resource for our communities. We will work to collaborate with others in the community to enhance, and not duplicate, the diverse mix our community has to offer.

Exemplify Integrity and Stewardship

We will expect and exemplify integrity and stewardship in all our operations, and set the standard within our community for others to follow.

Provide Exceptional Value, Quality and Customer Service

We will work every day to ensure Goodwill provides significant value to our shoppers, donors, customers, clients, residents and employees, making the quality of our services a cornerstone of operations.

Be Flexible, Creative and Innovative

We will be deliberately flexible, creative and innovative in our work to ensure our mission can meet the diverse needs of an ever-changing world. We will anticipate future opportunities, not simply react to them, and remain nimble and prepared to respond. We will encourage and appreciate creativity and innovation in addressing challenges and achieving goals.

Balance Risk and Function

Our Goodwill is complex, and resources are limited. While we may accept that some risk is acceptable, function must also be consistent with the mission. We will identify risks and key factors that could significantly affect the achievement of our strategic goals. We will use qualitative and quantitative risk assessments to make informed resource decisions understanding that function cannot tip the balance to risk, nor can risk alone deter us from achieving our mission.

Capitalize on Emerging Technologies

We will pursue innovations in technology that enhance our ability to successfully execute our mission. In addressing our objectives, we will use technology to achieve process improvement and enhance efficiency.

Respect Diversity and Build Cultural Competency 

We will engage with the diverse communities where we operate and be inclusive of all types of individuals within and around our workplace.

Integrate Accessibility, Safety and Security 

As an organization that seeks to minimize the impacts of disabling and disadvantaging conditions, Goodwill respects the importance of accessibility, safety and security of all of the customers, participants and employees we serve, in the many environments in which we have a presence.  We will strive to make all points of service and employment accessible and safe.