Spring Forward & Save Tons!


I’m enjoying the last little bit of a vacation while I prepare for my new job and what else to do but shop for some fresh new looks to accompany the fresh new start! ? I wanted to give you a little example of some before and after that happens when you thrift.

You can clearly see what my spring wardrobe color scheme is, right!? Here are all the things I wanted to try on as I browsed the aisles in the new Goodwill at 34th St. N. in St. Pete. Side note I’ve mentioned before: get a cart! You’ll regret clinging to all your goodies while trying to look through the racks without dropping anything. Save those muscles for the grocery bags!

Luckily, I was the only person in the fitting rooms so no one minded me taking up a bunch of time trying on all my things. Some things I just loved didn’t work but that means they returned to the wilderness for the next Huntress.

Here’s the final photo. There are some real treasures here! A Vince Camuto blouse, brand new, with $89 tags still attached! A BCBG blouse, a Nine West tank top, a casual Old Navy tee, a workout shirt, and a generic stretchy pencil skirt in a fun color. A biiiiiig adjustment from my original shopping cart, but a great trip nonetheless!


Similarly, here’s a recent trip to the Gandy Blvd. location. My cart almost looks the same! I’m so glad Spring gave me a reason to clean out my closet.

And here is what I ended up with; OBVIOUSLY the shoes came home with me!

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Who is the Goodwill Huntress?

The Goodwill Huntress isn’t just one person! The Huntress is anyone who loves to shop at Goodwill-Suncoast stores in West Central Florida, tracking down amazing finds and sharing her haul – from pots and pans to prom dresses – with all of us!