Fashionable Friday!



My Friday looks tend to be a little more casual, which I sometimes interpret as FUN. (Let’s be real, I try to have fun all the time ;) )

I love the chilly weather! Let’s celebrate the few times we get to pull out the scarves and boots.

These are charcoal New York & Co. pants I’ve had forever but of course found at Goodwill for around $5, paired with a “boutique” White House Black Market top I splurged on for a few dollars more than normal. I love this top, but I totally understand why it was at Goodwill. It has both brown tones and black tones and it can be hard to match…so I wear it with charcoal! Pay attention to these things when you’re shopping!

And hey…remember this jacket? Here it is getting some more use! Side note: I need a floor length mirror. Keep your eyes peeled at Goodwill for me!

I can see the weekend from here!

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