Looking for a Dress for Every Occasion


If you’re anything like me, I hate looking for “the dress” every time I have a function to attend. Just kidding…I hate SPENDING for the dress every time I have a function. Solution? Goodwill!

I “splurged” on these boutique dresses, but still spent considerably less than I would have for anyone alone!

Need a dress for a little girl’s first birthday party? How about this adorable pink elephant print Alfani dress for $9.87?

These two tags both came off the black patterned dress. Yes, please.

This cute casual Ann Taylor Loft dress was NWOT: New WithOut Tags but I snagged it for $9.97!

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Who is the Goodwill Huntress?

The Goodwill Huntress isn’t just one person! The Huntress is anyone who loves to shop at Goodwill-Suncoast stores in West Central Florida, tracking down amazing finds and sharing her haul – from pots and pans to prom dresses – with all of us!