Pack Like a Boss!


Ask anyone who’s ever traveled with me–I am the lightest packer you’ll ever meet. I strategically plan out my clothes (“But what if I don’t feel like wearing that dress on that day?”) No problem! Bring good mix and match pieces so you can create different outfits to fit your fancy! Get ready for some really cheesy selfies from a trip to a conference I recently took.

Here are my looks! 


Casual dinner outfit for arrival night on the left:

  • Target shirt from Goodwill for $4.98
  • Floral print capris from Bealls Outlet for $13 (don’t tell GW I’m cheating on her!)
  • Nine West flats from Goodwill for $6.98

Business Casual Day 1 on the right:

  • Black lace pattern Kardashian Collection jacket from Sears clearance for $7
  • Jewelry from one of those Bealls super coupon sales + clearance rack
  • Pale peach Target dress from Goodwill for around $7 *new*
  • Jessica Simpson tri color peep toes (brand new!) from Goodwill for <$12

Day 2 “Afternoon Tea Party” outfit on the left:

  • Magenta Shrug from Goodwill from ages ago (in my favorite color!)
  • Grey and black J. Crew dress (in a super flattering design!) from Goodwill for $9.98. This is one of those dreaded dry clean only pieces.
  • Magenta Aldo heels I bought on clearance ten years ago that are reaching their last leg and will cause me to shed many tears….

Day 2 Business Casual for the rest of the day on the right:

  • Leopard print Style & Co blouse from Goodwill for $3.98
  • Caché dress pants from Goodwill for $5.98
  • Nine West flats making an appearance again!

Day 2 Dinner Outfit on the Left:

  • Drapey black ¾ sleeve Dressbarn sweater from Goodwill for $4.98
  • Patterned ¾ sleeve dress (have you seen this one before?!) that is one of my original Goodwill purchases!
  • Magenta Aldo heels peeping their way in again.

(Is it just me or are you starting to dig that striped carpet?)

Day 3 Business Casual and Travel on the right:

*Everything from Goodwill!*

  • Magenta shrug *again*
  • Floral patterned sleeveless George blouse for $3.98
  • Black Caché pants *again*
  • Black Jessica Simpson flats (remember these from another travel post a few back?)
    • Pro tip: Plan on wearing the same shoes you wore to the airport on your way home! Save that bag space for other goodies!

Share some of your summer travel pictures with Goodwill! I’d love to see how you save space and money!

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