A Classic Look for Class


 Hello my thrift hunters, I hope your week is going well. School has resumed for me, and I already want the semester to end! Hehe. I haven’t been able to go to Goodwill as much lately, but when I popped in last week I found this nice Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt.

oxford shirt

Initially when I saw the shirt, I thought it was for a man, but it’s definately a women’s cut. The shirt was just $9.98 at Goodwill, which is amazing! On the Ralph Lauren website, it sells for $89.50! This is an absolute win for me.

I have just one in-person class, so I decided to wear the shirt paired with a White House Black Market skirt I found at Goodwill and the tunic I found at Goodwill and featured in a previous post. I wore the skirt on New Year’s (hence the noisemakers!) It was brand new, tags still on, and originally priced at $98 – the Goodwill price was just $9.98 — or about 90% off! Score!


I love to layer because the temperature has been quite cold in the morning and warms up in the afternoon. I was neither too cold nor too warm throughout the day, and I love the look!

blogger in outfit

 I think this outfit was cute and simple for lectures, studying on campus, or on a coffee date or hangout with friends.

blogger studying

What do you think? See you next time, I’m off to class!

blogger smiling

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