When the Shoe Fits, I Buy It!


Time to show you more of my favorite things! People are always so amazed to hear about the shoes I find at Goodwill–they can’t believe I can find such great new or nearly new shoes on such a regular basis. Luckily, I have this blog to prove it to you :)

Let’s face it, “spring” here is over. I was on the hunt for some casual shoes to wear to all the cool things going on in St. Pete (because there are lots of cool things going on in St. Pete!) I basically only had flip flops and heels with the occasional sneaker thrown in the mix. Not conducive to markets and festivals and bikes rides and so on. Look what I found!

Equally important, just look at what they would have run me brand new!

Ohhhhh guys. These next shoes give me all the heart eyes. I might have actually jumped up and down when I checked and they were my size. Please let me introduce my brand new Sam & Libby heeled ankle boots, and we are soulmates. Similar styles run $44.99 from Target! They were $9.96 at Goodwill!

Guess what? I snagged these brand new Guess pumps for a 10th of the retail price. Black heels probably get the most wear out of anything in my closet, so any time I find a new or nearly new pair in my size that suit my fancy, in the cart they go!

The next pair didn’t come home with me, but are certainly worth a mention! Even if you don’t find something to call your own, you’ll at least see something interesting on every trip to Goodwill. That, my friends, I promise you.

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