What to wear to brunch?


Hey lovely thrifters, I hope you’ve been well! Am I the only one who felt like this past January was the shortest one ever?! Hehe.

So far I’ve been successful maintaining my minimalist closet; I hope you’ve been able to commit to your New Year’s resolutions as well. One thing I haven’t been so good at is keeping up with friends, so I decided to meet up with one on a brunch hangout.

I needed a simple dress and of course I had to check Goodwill first! That’s where I found this little green dress with pockets. I LOVE pockets! The dress captured my eye even though it looked kinda “boring.” (Except the pockets, of course!)

dress with tag

The price of the dress was just $5.98 at Goodwill, which is about what most dresses sell for at Goodwill. I’m on a budget, but I don’t mind paying $6 for a dress I know I’ll wear a lot!

I realized that a good statement collar could elevate this simple dress. So I decided to pair it with a pearl collared top and it worked really well. I felt like the “missing” element on the dress disappeared when I made that little style tweak!

blogger in dress
See the collar peeking out from under these gorgeous flowers? :)

Unfortunately, due to a sudden emergency my friend had to cancel our brunch hangout. So I decided to take pictures in the dress, because why not?

blogger in dress
model in dress

If you’d like to visit these fun photo opps, they’re at 1113 S. Florida Ave in Lakeland, behind the Born & Bread Bakehouse.

Have fun, and thrift on!

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