Thrifty by the Sea!

Hello there, thrift friends! I hope your Spring break/season has been amazing. I’m excited to show you my latest finds from my recent trip to Goodwill-Suncoast in Trinity. Check out those prices tags! The total cost of my simple, stylish, spring-y outfit finds was just under $21!

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Let’s talk about the blazer. I didn’t think blazers were my thing. But I love the color of this one, and for $6.98 I couldn’t resist! Turns out, it was absolutely perfect for a breezy spring day on the Florida waterfront! I love how the color almost matches the sky and the sea!


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Now let’s move onto the shorts…I LOVE them. The material is great, breathable, and good quality. The length of the shorts compliments my height and torso. And I love the versatility of how the shorts can be styled. And, of course, the price. I scored them for just $4.98 – you can’t beat that! 

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Now…the shoes! I got them for $8.96. The  flowered Skechers retail for $86 – so my Goodwill price was basically about 90% off! WOW! Not only taht, but the shoes are super comfortable and supportive. They are my new favorites!

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I think this outfit looks great next to the sand, sky and sea! What do you think? Where would you wear it?

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Until next time, Happy Thrifting! 

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