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What our employees say about Goodwill…

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What do you enjoy about working for Goodwill-Suncoast?

Compared to other jobs, Goodwill has made me feel like family. It is rewarding to see how we all work together as one big family even though
we work in different areas (finance, safety, kitchen, etc.).

The hospitality the company provides is awesome. They are concerned
about the wellbeing of their employees. That was not the case with other companies I have worked for.

The benefits are also awesome – the ability to receive tuition assistance
and accomplish my educational goals is a blessing.

Goodwill always thinks about their employees for promotions. Previous jobs
I have worked at did not. To sum it all up, Goodwill takes care of their employees. It is an excellent company to work for.

– Wanda D., Manager, St. Petersburg Suncoast Residential
Re-entry Center

Angel-RodriguezWhat makes Goodwill-Suncoast an outstanding company to work for?

I started working for Goodwill in 2006 as a part timer donations processor. Seven months later I was promoted to the position of Donation Center Supervisor. Despite the bad shape of the U.S. economy, Goodwill expanded and I ended up supervising 26 attended donation centers. Goodwill has the capacity to grow, no matter the shape of the economy. This is one of the reasons I think I’m with the right company. The other reason is the opportunity that Goodwill gives to all employees to grow with the company, no matter your nationality, gender, sex or ethnicity.

I was a Donation Center Supervisor for nine years. During this time I had the opportunity to take different courses and participate in Goodwill’s management training program.

In October 2016 I was chosen as the Manager of the Goodwill store in Tampa. I’m very glad that in my path in this country, I found this company. I came from Cuba where you don’t have any opportunity for growth as an individual and professional. 

Angel R., Retail Sales Manager, Tampa Superstore


What persuaded you to accept an offer of employment with

Upon moving to Florida I searched the internet for organizations that provided employment and work training services for individuals with disabilities. I had previously worked in that field and wanted to continue. I noticed that Goodwill-Suncoast not only seemed like the largest of these nonprofit organizations, but they provided information on their website such as mission, success stories and annual report, which I was not seeing on other organization’s websites. I realized that Goodwill was more diverse than just thrift stores, there were many services that I did not know about.

I chose to accept a position with Goodwill after three interviews. When I toured the Life Skills Development program location, I observed the individuals engaging in employment skills and I watched as the staff treated them with dignity, respect and independence. I saw how my experience and knowledge could contribute. I also was impressed with the employee benefits, especially the tuition assistance program, which has been enhanced since I started with Goodwill five years ago.    

I was hired as a Case Manager and I am now a Life Skills Development Site Supervisor of two locations. So I can attest that Goodwill creates opportunities for those who apply themselves and are engaged in the mission.  

Gina H., Site-supervisor, Life Skills Development program

Compared to previous jobs, how has working with Goodwill-Suncoast proved to be the best fit for you? 

After 15 years at other companies in the transportation industry, I came to Goodwill as a truck driver.
Having passion for 
doing things correctly and to theTom-Dickerson-web best of my ability, I decided that I wanted a career in transportation.  Goodwill gave me that opportunity to develop my career and grow professionally by allowing me to move up from driver to supervisor and now to a manager of multiple departments.  I have fit well into Goodwill where there was a need to get the transportation department working well as a team along with other departments.  And Goodwill has recognized and rewarded me for the work I have done.

-Tom D., Transportation Manager