Sisterhood of the Traveling Thrift Store Finds


We stay busy. Seriously. And a little piece of Goodwill goes with me wherever I go, and that’s often away from sunshine-y St. Pete.

Here are some Jessica Simpson ballet flats accompanying me through Boston Logan airport. These are SO COMFORTABLE and were only $6.96 when I snagged them from the Gandy location a year or so ago. They’re great airport shoes because the elastic allows you to whip them off quickly through security but holds them in place as you’re running to catch your flight!


This sundress went with me for celebrating pre-wedding festivities in Houston, Texas! It’s another dress that gets lots of compliments, but it’s just a simple little jersey knit dress I found for $6 and have worn to smithereens. Sadly it’s more of a beach dress these days, but I guess that just gives me an excuse to go shopping!

Or how about the same beautiful friend, but at her bridal shower down in our hometown of Venice, Florida? Seeing this picture makes me want to find somewhere to wear this dress, pronto! It’s an oldie, but definitely a goodie. A Goodwill goodie, natch!


My husband and I just hit the age where it seems like the overwhelming wave of weddings have finally ended. Here’s a $8 Goodwill find at a wedding up in Birmingham, Alabama.
Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, the gorgeous blonde in this picture is getting married later this year! No Goodwill finds for that date though…I’ll be wearing a bridesmaid dress ;)

I have lots of traveling, celebrations, and adventures coming up, so stay tuned and happy hunting!
And if you haven’t heard…Goodwill has a new color tag discount program, where clothes (and just about everything else) tagged with the “color of the week” are HALF OFF! 

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Who is the Goodwill Huntress?

The Goodwill Huntress isn’t just one person! The Huntress is anyone who loves to shop at Goodwill-Suncoast stores in West Central Florida, tracking down amazing finds and sharing her haul – from pots and pans to prom dresses – with all of us!