Shoes & Stripes Forever


Guys, I haven’t felt very lucky lately in my favorite department: shoes! Is it because you guys are out there snatching up all the good ones!? I hope so!

I did find one new pair recently that I’m just in love with. They were a half size larger than I normally wear, but you know the rule: try them on! These Nine West slingbacks with a hidden buckle were only $6.96 and are nearly brand new. I got loads of compliments AND saved about 90%!

I recently brought these last shoes out of retirement with a little help from Handy Hubby. I’m pretty rough on my heels (thankfully I don’t pay that much for them!) and the heel cap had worn off. You could hear me coming a mile away with my click-thump click-thump gait. It wasn’t cute.

Luckily, I keep a stash of heel caps in my jewelry box. Doesn’t everyone?

New heel caps installed and another leg of life for these cute yellow Aldo peeptoes! A great summer shoe seeing a third life for $7.96! I paired them with a stretchy tropical print skirt from a brand I’ve never heard of along with a super comfy black tee. Another $20 outfit where the shoes alone would have cost nearly $100. Feeling good!

Buying versatile things is one of the *keys* to a great closet! Here is the same shirt as above paired with a different skirt. You guys know I love prints. And you know I love black and white. That being said, I try to buy every black shirt I can that fits me and can be worn with a variety of things. I wear them out!

This Worthington skirt was brand new with tags still on when I bought it for $4.98 a few months ago. I was so excited! I washed it and my dreams of grandeur came tumbling down. All the white stripes had been dyed PINK. I asked Handy Hubby if he could tell it wasn’t originally pink and he said no…but I knew and that was enough. It took some pretty serious stain remover and multiple trips through the washing machine, but in the end I was successful. I wasn’t giving up on this deal!

The jewelry is hand-me-down and one of my favorite pieces. The shoes are BCBG and are one of my very first thrifting finds from nearly ten years ago when I still lived in Gainesville! They used to have an ankle strap that I cut off about five years into our relationship. Things have been better ever since! Don’t be afraid to alter something to how you want it to be, especially if you’ve gotten a great deal!

Do you ever wonder what’s in those cups in my elevator selfie?! I think I would be curious if I were in your shoes. That is my morning breakfast shake filled with delicious nutritious…kale. Yum. Let me know if you want my recipe ;)

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