Marie Kondo-rama!


Hello friends! Long time no talk…you have my apologies. I have had a lot going on personally lately and it has really cut back on my shopping time! Things around here are returning to normal and I’m SO EXCITED because I keep reading about how many amazing goodies are being donated to Goodwill thanks to our joyful friend Marie Kondo from the Netflix series “Tidying Up.” It’s true that donations are ripe for the picking — my problem is TOO many things spark joy when I hold them :)

This is a White House Black Market shirt I snagged for $4.48, about a tenth of its retail price. The skirt is a camel colored Anne Klein that I bought with tags on for about $6. Nine West chunky heels making a routine appearance on my toes. Entire look, all from Goodwill: less than $20.

goodwill huntress outfit

I promised you guys this and here I am delivering! Remember the cry-worthy Ann Taylor pencil skirt you saw a while back? The one I bought as Goodwill’s color of the week for $2.88….then discovered it was brand new? It’s become one of my favorites.

On the right, I’m wearing a Liz Claiborne blouse I’ve shown you many times, a matching houndstooth belt…from a completely different (Goodwill-found Ann Taylor) dress, the infamous skirt, and my Nine West navy suede peep toes. Less than $15! This is probably my favorite outfit EVER, especially because it’s pieced together from so many sources.

But then one day….I wore it with this black peplum top on the left (it’s not a brand any of us would recognize, but it is Goodwill reborn) and some Aldo pumps (also Goodwill; stop doubting me!) and I think *this* might be my favorite outfit ever.

goodwill huntress outfit

What do you think?

I’ll finish up by showing you one of my casual Friday looks with a casual Friday face. This is a JC Penney brand top I found at Goodwill for less than $5. I love the colors and obviously the floral! I paired it with a Papaya short sleeved sweater (<$5) and some jeans my mom picked up at Costco for $6. They were a Christmas present! And this was the day I found out those awesome black Aldo pumps from the last picture give me blisters if I walk too much. That, my friends, is not something you can know before you buy in any store.

Watch out, Marie Kondo goodies! I’m coming for you! Happy Hunting, y’all!

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