How to Inherit Good Jeans!


Living in St. Pete comes with some pretty sweet perks: loads of sunshine, tons of festivals to choose from, and lots to appease your palette! Let’s talk about a typical date night outfit…

Goodwill Huntress in jeans

These are my FAVORITE jeans…ever. It’s true. They’re the perfect pair of Levi’s and I paid $6.98 for them and have worn them fifty bajillion times since I got them. In fact, I’m wearing them as I type this too!

I love looking for jeans at Goodwill because they literally have almost every brand, every style, and every cut–you can try on everything until you figure out what fits your body type best.

The top is a little Target t-shirt I found for $4.28–nothing fancy, but it pairs well with a lot of different things. The sweater–New York & Company, and so old it came from a pre-thrifting era. My favorite Target brand blazer making an appearance again. Dressed up or down, it’s a winner! The Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes were a bought secondhand from an online vendor. You can never say I wasn’t good at matching…

Goodwill Huntress in jeans

I’ve made it by the new Goodwill twice but haven’t found any goodies yet. I need to wake up earlier! I have a few new fun things to show you from the Central and Gandy locations, though.

Happy Hunting!

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Who is the Goodwill Huntress?

The Goodwill Huntress isn’t just one person! The Huntress is anyone who loves to shop at Goodwill-Suncoast stores in West Central Florida, tracking down amazing finds and sharing her haul – from pots and pans to prom dresses – with all of us!