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ALL new (not donated) Halloween merchandise is now 75% OFF!

   At Goodwill you can mix new and nearly new items to create costumes that SCREAM creativity!

Plus you’ll find “grab and go” NEW Halloween costumes for adults and kids.

Stock up on Halloween costume accessories like brand NEW hats, wigs, masks, make-up and props! Goodwill also has a big selection of Halloween decor. Find what you need for classic Halloween costumes, scary Halloween costumes, Halloween costumes for men, Halloween costumes for women, Halloween costumes for kids and even Halloween costumes for dogs. 

Browse through our book of costume ideas for women, men, kids and couples Here!

Find even more costume ideas and DIY decor HERE!

ALL new (not donated) Halloween decor is now 75% OFF!

Halloween is almost here.

With Halloween just weeks away, the air is full of spooky customers on a mission to find the perfect Halloween Costume to celebrate one of the most fun days in the entire year. Look no further than your local Goodwill to find the costume store that can serve all your scary and whimsical desires for Halloween 2019. Goodwill can supply your entire family with the makings for the best and most sought after Halloween costumes, from Ant-Man to Wolverine any Disney Princess costumes . You can channel your inner treasure hunter as you browse the store, searching through new and used costumes, and mixing and matching with donated items and new accessories to create the most unique and memorable looks.

Adult Halloween Costumes

When it comes to costumes for adults, Goodwill can help you pick a killer solo look or the perfect couple’s costume. We have the makings for costumes for men. Guys can find what's needed for the traditional Men’s Halloween costume, like the handsome star quarterback, the scary IT costume, the sexy movie star or the courageous military general. Or try one of the newer trends, like Fortnite clothing or Stranger Things. If you want to stand out at the next party, mix and match from our huge selection of new and used clothing. There will be nobody like you for Halloween because you will have put it together yourself. Create something unique this Halloween.

For adult women, Halloween costumes, keep it sexy with a sultry pirate or French maid or browse through the donated wedding gowns to inspire a darker, zombie bride look. Looking for the right accessories to make the perfect outfit? Ladies can pick from an assortment of new wigs, from the flapper bob style to the sassy and chic blue rocker look. We know the shoes make the outfit, and Goodwill has hundreds of shoes to choose from. Ladies, grab your costume of choice and then head over to the shoe section to pick the perfect boot, heels, wedges or sandals to complete the ensemble.

Looking for the perfect couples outfit? Create your own and go with the classic Danny and Sandy look from Grease by mixing and matching some great finds throughout the store, or go the power couple route and match up Batman or Superman with Wonder Woman.

Watch Goodwill on Great Day Live Showing off Some Amazing Costume Ideas to Get You Thinking What You Can Put Together This Halloween.

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Boys Halloween Costumes

We have costumes for boys. Boys Halloween costumes abound with the always popular everyday heroes of police officers and firemen, alongside the darker side of skull trooper costumes and evil clowns. Maybe he is interested in star wars costumes or fortnite costumes. Does your son like the classic superhero? Check for Iron Man and the Hulk, and rest assured that you can find some great green makeup to complete your mini hulk’s look. Is your boy a gamer? Look for Minecraft inspired costumes, or the classic Mario and Luigi look. If he is interested in a fortnite Halloween cosutume you can get that too when he goes to trick-or-treat. Or put together your own pirate costumes by mixing and matching what we have. Or have some fun and put together a funny costume for him this Halloween.

Girls Halloween Costumes

Whatever your daughter’s heart desires, Goodwill is the store for Halloween costumes for girls. We have a huge selection for girls. If your princess is a Disney fan, she can find the perfect Rapunzel braid, the classic Cinderella blue gown, or Tiana’s emerald green gown. For our slightly older Disney fans, browse through ready to go costumes or mix and match to create the perfect Evie or Mal costume from the very popular Descendants movie trilogy. Looking for a time period theme? Find your daughter an Egyptian inspired look, or pair a little black dress with a feather boa for the Roaring 20s look, or grab that long, straight blonde wig and match it up the flower child hippie ensemble. Let’s not forget the unicorn costume. Find a brand new, costume and accessories included, unicorn outfit so your sassy daughter is sporting the best Rainbow Dash look. She will be happy and so will you when you see that Goodwill prices are much friendlier to mom and dad’s budget.

Toddler Halloween Costumes

For the babies and the toddlers in your life, you can find the cutest and most endearing costumes that you may buy a few and dress your precious baby for the days leading up to Halloween. Whether you are going with the always popular baby dinosaur look, Mickey Mouse or Buzz Lightyear, or if you are going with the trendier and currently popular Baby Shark theme, Goodwill has it all. Check the general baby section for some Halloween themed onesies and pajama attire to keep the spirit of Halloween going back the 31st.

Halloween Costumes for Pets

What about Halloween costumes for pets? At Goodwill you can even find Halloween costumes for dogs and Halloween costumes for cats. Choose from prepackaged Halloween costumes for pets, or search our donated items to create your own dog or cat costume! 

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Save Money this Halloween and Come to Goodwill

At Goodwill, a family of four can find the Halloween costumes the whole family wants for a fraction of what you can find elsewhere. For less than $100, 4 people can walk out with full costumes, including shoes, wigs, and makeup, leaving more in the budget for the Halloween décor, which you can also find throughout the store. Grab that witch cauldron to fill with candy and the orange lights to wrap around the bushes. Along with finding everything your family needs, you also have the opportunity to round up to the nearest dollar at checkout and know that your donation will go towards the Goodwill mission of helping people reach their full potential through learning and job placement.
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