Fit & Thrifty!


Happy New Year to you all! Just like that we’ve made it to another year, and I’m excited to see what this year brings.

My resolutions are to embark on a more healthy lifestyle journey and maintain my minimalist wardrobe. Speaking of a healthy lifestyle – a good way to begin would be to start training for the Hippie Dash for Peace, Love & Goodwill! It’s a super fun, unique race event!

I went to Goodwill the other day and there were so many donated items that were brand new with tags still on! I’ve never really browsed through the active wear section, so I decided to give it a shot – and I’m so glad I did! Since I plan to exercise more this year, I wanted to find new or gently used leggings. I didn’t have to look long, and there! I saw a pair of brand new leggings with the tags still on.


The Goodwill price for the leggings was just $7.98, but they retail for $34.99. I love the material (not itchy), the fit, the comfort and mostly the multicolored design! The leggings will pair well with other colored tops — this is a great advantage for me, as it will allow me to maintain my minimalist wardrobe.

I paired my new comfy leggings with shoes I found last year in Goodwill’s men’s section.

shoes and leggings

Did I mention the leggings also have those handy deep pockets? They hold my phone and debit card perfectly!

putting phone into pocket

I’m so glad I browsed Goodwill’s active wear section! Here’s to a happy, healthy – and of course thrifty – 2021!

model posing

See you soon!

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