Fancy (Frugal) Finds!


We love the opportunity to dress up and be fancy every once in awhile. Luckily we get the opportunity fairly often and Goodwill has come through with a killer outfit every single time! Last year I needed a formal dress for a cruise. I picked up this little black number, perfect for the occasion, for just $7 and paired it with some silver Guess heels (also from Goodwill many, many moons ago) and a silver and black throw. Perfect! The dapper dude on my arm certainly didn’t hurt the look either.

What about an office holiday party? I always dread this one because you can’t wear the same thing you wore last year when there’s photographic evidence. I spotted this $7 pewtery brocade dress while I was hunting for office wear one day, drooled over it a little bit, but decided I had nowhere to wear it. Fast forward a few weeks and I suddenly remember I need a dress for the holiday party! I dashed back to Goodwill and was ever so lucky to find it right where I had left it. Hubby bought that Tommy Hilfiger corduroy blazer at Goodwill a few years ago for less than $10 and it has been one of his favorite staple pieces.Now is a good time to remind you to try everything on, check the seams and hems, and look for stains and holes while you’re shopping. You cannot return items to Goodwill even if you find a hole, tear, or stain later. I totally missed the ripped seams on this one–and while hubby is handy with a needle and thread, I’m not. So guess what he did for me? I’m one lucky lady.

A few years ago I “splurged” and found this metallic gold dress for $15 as a boutique item. She got me through numerous holiday and New Year’s parties and even a piece on the news for Goodwill until the wrong dry cleaner got rid of her sparkle forever :( Check the labels when you’re shopping! I’ve shaken my fist angrily enough times later on when I see the dreaded words “Dry Clean Only” on something I was about to throw into the wash. Hubby’s navy sports coat and dress shirt are from Goodwill too!

What about a snazzy charity event? This dress is one of my all time favorites and I wish I had the opportunity to wear it more often. The sparkly gold shoes are a boutique brand with a leather sole and were an absolute steal for less than $10. This entire outfit, sans jewelry, cost less than $20. Where else can you go to find a deal like that? You’ll notice hubby’s navy blazer making an appearance here as well. A good closet has a good base! Start with some good staple pieces and build from there. I can’t wait to share more of my fancy finds with you!

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