Cupid Was With Me!

Love means never having to say your sorry…so I won’t apologize for this blog post being just a little late! I know you’ll forgive me when you see my
latest Goodwill haul! 


clothes with tags


Can you believe the luck?? A $4.58 LOVE sweater, a distressed jean skirt, which I got for $4.98, a long sleeve Ralph Lauren shirt for $4.98 (like what?!). And, I also found these fairly- new Christian Siriano heels for $9.96. Plus a super cute bag for just $4.99 (thanks to half off week)!


model posing


Here are pictures of how I styled it. I love the simplicity of the combination of the outfit, and I also think it’s especially a nice outfit to wear to meetup with your girlfriends over drinks for Valentine’s Day (if you’re single like me)!


I gifted myself with flowers in honor of the day, and even toted them around in my new bag from Goodwill! 


model posing


Peace and Love everyone! I hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day. XOXO until we meet again with my next round of fantastic Goodwill finds!
Speaking of Peace and Love, are you signed up for the Hippie Dash for Peace, Love & Goodwill? It’s the grooviest race in Tampa Bay and I know you’ll LOVE IT!


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