Crying Over…a Skirt


It’s becoming painfully obvious I have too many skirts. They’re just so easy! A trip to the Goodwill store in St. Petersburg on Gandy Blvd. recently cost me around $20 and I came away with TWO brand new items, one that was a super surprise.

I was feeling especially lazy on that day and didn’t want to try anything on. I shop a lot and have gotten pretty good at eyeballing clothes–especially if they’re stretchy ;)

I spotted this gorgeous Ann Taylor houndstooth pencil skirt and was thrilled to find it was only $4.88. And the tag was blue! Blue was the color of the week! This skirt was $2.88!

When I got it home and poked around a little more, I found the greatest gift of all…brand new tags inside. My $2.44 Ann Taylor skirt was brand new. (I’m emoji-crying right now and you guys don’t even know!)

I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, but you bet I’ll share a photo when I do!

I also snagged a pair of brand new Tom’s shoes complete with cardboard in the toes for $6.96, another LuLaRoe skirt (it’s sparkly!) for $4.88 and a Seven brand long sleeved sweatery type shirt for $4.48. I’m ready for the holidays!

items of clothing

I dressed up this tank with a pencil skirt and a pair of Aldo black pumps for a casual workday look. I love my neutrals! This $4.48 Cable & Gauge shirt from Goodwill was a good way to give a whole new life to a skirt I have trouble matching.

outfit selfie

I was feeling particularly retro on this day! I don’t wear this skirt often–in fact, it’s almost been donated a time or two–but I’m glad it’s made the cut. It’s a little shorter than I generally go for, but I just loooooove the pattern! It feels like I’m advertising for the Hippie Dash for Peace, Love & Goodwill! (which if you haven’t been to, I highly recommend!)

The funky skirt isn’t any particularly well known brand, but it’s been worth every penny of the $5 I spent on it at Goodwill! The shirt is Bisou Bisou, a JC Penney brand, and my Nine West chunky heels are making their appearance again.

outfit selfie

What’s something in your closet you can’t seem to ever let go of? Are you terribly ashamed or wonderfully happy? Neither is wrong! Go find your treasures, Hunters!

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