Crying Over…a Skirt


It’s becoming painfully obvious I have too many skirts. They’re just so easy! A trip to the Goodwill store in St. Petersburg on Gandy Blvd. recently cost me around $20 and I came away with TWO brand new items, one that was a super surprise.

I was feeling especially lazy on that day and didn’t want to try anything on. I shop a lot and have gotten pretty good at eyeballing clothes–especially if they’re stretchy ;)

I spotted this gorgeous Ann Taylor houndstooth pencil skirt and was thrilled to find it was only $4.88. And the tag was blue! Blue was the color of the week! This skirt was $2.88!

When I got it home and poked around a little more, I found the greatest gift of all…brand new tags inside. My $2.44 Ann Taylor skirt was brand new. (I’m emoji-crying right now and you guys don’t ev