Christmas with Calvin


Holly Jolly Christmas, my thrifting elves! I hope your shopping is going swell. I’m so glad to be done with mine, I can finally relax. This week, I decided to go shopping for myself at Goodwill. I had a feeling I would find something exciting, and sure enough I did! (The power of positive thinking!)

I headed over to the Oldsmar Goodwill, with my $5 OFF coupon ready to go! You can get your coupon HERE.

It only took me about 5 minutes to shuffle through the dress section and find my perfect Christmas dress. Here’s a sneak peek!

dress with tag

Lo and behold! A cute black cocktail dress with POCKETS! Not to mention it’s also a Calvin Klein dress! At just $7.98, this was a massive steal!

I snatched up the dress and headed over to the shoe section to look for some heels. There were lots and lots of cute shoes, but none in my size that would go with the dress. Then I remembered this cute pair of Calvins I found last year at Goodwill for $14.96.

red heels

And I imagined how perfect it’d be to match those shoes with this dress…

dress on model

Just like that, I had found my holiday outfit of a Calvin Klein dress and Calvin Klein heels for under $30! Merry Christmas to me!

model in dress

And did I mention it has POCKETS?!

Now it’s your turn – get your coupon and go to Goodwill for holiday shopping!

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