A jewel in my crown

Black woman in long green dress smiles at Ringling Museum in Sarasota
This dress can work so well in lots of different occasions!

Happy September, thrift friends!

I’m so excited to share my recent Goodwill find. It happened to be in my favorite color: green! And not just any green, it’s a beautiful emerald jewel tone that’s perfect for the (slightly) cooler temperatures.

But maybe best of all, because this dress happened to be discounted as part of Goodwill’s colored tag deal. That’s right, this classic piece was originally $5.98 but I paid only $3 at the register!

I paired the dress with a black top with a beaded collar I found at the same Goodwill-Suncoast on Gandy Boulevard in St. Petersburg. Immediately after I spotted it on the rack, I knew it would pair well and complement the elegance of the green dress. And, it was only $5.98.

Black woman in long green dress smiles with eyes closed among palm fronds
The beaded collar really tied the look together!

The purse was thrifted some time ago in 2019, and I kept the price tag on there as proof to my friends when they didn’t believe it was from Goodwill. My statement rings were also a Goodwill pickup from several years ago. With the dress and shirt, that’s only $8.98 spent on a beautiful new outfit! Second-hand shopping can really pay off.

For this styling, I wanted to go for a monochromatic look. I think the dress can be worn to wedding, a date, church, or other formal functions, or any occasion where you want to elevate your style. It was the perfect look for a visit to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota! Have you ever gone? It’s a beautiful location and a fun day trip not far out of Tampa Bay!

I’m in love with the simplicity of the dress and how I accessorized it. I hope this inspires you to wear your favorite-colored outfits.

Black woman in long green dress smiles in front of the Ca' d'Zan at Ringling Museum in Sarasota
Have you visited the Ca’ D’Zan at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota? It’s a fun day trip!

Kick it in style, Tampa Bay

Hello again my thrift friends!

Florida’s hot summertime is coming to a close, meaning that soon we’ll be able to enjoy those pleasant evening walks along the waterfront.

I hope you have been well and active this summer. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to stay on an active lifestyle, but I must admit, I need to be more disciplined and committed (hehe). But, a new-to-me pair of cute sneakers is helping me get motivated to move!

Close-up of thrifted sneakers' sole, then photo cropped at the waist of woman in athletic clothing on a skateboard outside.
What a find!

I picked up a pair of Sketchers at the Goodwill location in Trinity, FL. Not only were they a steal at $8.69 (retail between $45-$60!), but their neutral colors will be versatile for both working out or wearing around town throughout the coming fall season. For the past year, I’ve become determined to adopt a minimalist closet, so shopping second-hand is an important part of that. Any thrifted item I buy needs to be able to be worn in multiple ways and go with multiple outfits, so these sneakers are a check and check in that department!

Oh, did I mention, they’re also super comfy? The shoe laces actually stay tied, instead of slipping or coming undone. Their “air cooled yoga mat” soles make me feel like I’m walking on clouds.

With our beautiful fall weather on the horizon, I can’t wait to get moving in these new kicks!
P.S. The Trinity Goodwill-Suncoast has been rocking it with cool finds lately!

Black woman in athletic clothing jumps high while jump roping on an outdoor basketball court.
Keep moving, Tampa Bay!
Black woman smiles and poses for camera on an outdoor basketball court with jump rope, athletic clothing, and thrifted neutral pink sneakers.
These shoes go from work out to casual outfits in a snap.

Tropical Storm Ready!

Hello thrift friends! I hope your summer has been off to a good start despite the rains, and the storm that’s on its way!

Today’s find I’m going to show you is quite a simple one that’s very much needed right now (and for most of the summer)! Take a moment to guess what item I found?

rain boots

If you guessed rain boots, then you’re right!  I found these animal print rain boots from Goodwill for just $7.98. They look new, are extremely comfortable and fit very nicely – SCORE!

rain boots on
Why not wear them every rainy day?

In the past, most rain boots I’ve owned are either too wide or too tight, but these are just the perfect fit – like regular boots, not rain boots. And since it’s been raining a lot lately (and lots more is coming), these boots are my go-to. For now it’s bye bye sandals, hello rain boots!

posing on street
Puddles are no match for me now!

They even look cute when it’s not raining! What do you think?

posing in boots

Stay safe and dry my thrifting friends! See you next time!

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A Closet of Many Colors

Hello there, thrift hunters! I hope this month has treated you well. For me it’s been quite a fun one. I reunited with old friends from high school and also went to a fun fair. On my recent thrift adventure at Goodwill I only found one item, but I love it!

shirt on hanger

It’s a multicolored top that was just $4.98 at Goodwill. The top is by the brand Alfani, which I’ve seen at Macys for around $21 to $60 – so I saved tons! Score! What makes me love this top so much is the versality of how it can be styled; it can be styled – with jeans or regular dress pants and even skirts.

model posing

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts before, I’ve embarked on keeping a minimalist closet, so forgive that you’ve seen this Tory Burch shoe many times in previous blogs – also from Goodwill! But I thought to pair them with the top and jeans, and they really fit the style I was going for!

model posing

Here I styled the top with some dressier slacks and I love this look also! Lately my style has been leaning subtly toward androgynous fashion, but we’ll see how long it’ll last. :)

model close up

This versatile top, saving lots of money on my minimalist wardrobe, and CAMELS make me happy! See you next time!

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Ready for Adventure

Hello there my thrift hunters! I’m back again with another find for this month! On my latest trip to Goodwill I found a whole outfit – a dress, sandals and a purse! Although summer isn’t officially here yet, the outfit gives me those summer vacation vibes. The fist find is this simple wrap dress from White House Black Market!

dress with tag on

It was just $12.98 at Goodwill! The olive green color reminds me of military clothes, and I don’t mind that at all! Also, did I mention it has pockets? Yup it does. What more could I ask for? Absolutely nothing. I’m glad I got to snatch it from the rack. Next I found these cute print sandals!

sandals with price

I’ve never seen sandals designed like this. At first I thought the one-toed style would be uncomfortable but surprisingly, they are as comfortable as can be and they feel nice and secure when wrapped around the leg. These brand new sandals were just $7.96 at Goodwill! Score!

The last item was thrifted two years ago. It’s this beaded shell bag. It was just $5.99 at Goodwill. Most beaded bags I’ve seen online is priced at $8.99- $300. I’m glad I’ve held on to this purse for this while!

purse with tag

Put it all together and what have you got?

blogger in outfit

A cool and stylish outfit, that’s what! All for under $30!!!

blogger with peace sign

Until next time – PEACE OUT! Which reminds me…don’t forget to register for the Hippie Dash for Peace, Love & Goodwill! It’s the grooviest race in Tampa Bay!

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Skipping into Spring

Happy spring, lovely thrift hunters! It’s been a while I’ve showed you any thrifted items. Just a quick update on me – I’m still successfully maintaining my minimalist  closet, and I’m also taking a few cinematography classes!

Now let’s get into my thrifted items from Goodwill this month. I found them at the Goodwill Superstore in Trinity. I always love going there – it never disappoints. I always find great gems there, like this beautiful color-blocked magenta dress.

dress on rack

What perfect colors to celebrate spring season! the dress came with a braided belt, which I think adds more fun and character. I’m not always confident wearing thin strapped dresses, but the cool spring breezes made me forget about the straps. The dress was brand new with tags still on and was just $9.98 at Goodwill! Now for the shoes…

heels showing price

I found these super cute round toe heels by Ralph Lauren for half the price- it was Orange Week, and all orange tags were half price ( hello discount)! A total steal at $4.98! I thought pairing the shoes with the dress would give it a more dressy look.

dress with heels

The other way I styled the dress was pairing it my all time favorite shoes I thrifted last year from Goodwill – Tory Burch sneakers! The dazzle of blue sparkle makes it more fun pairing them with the dress. So just with $15.00 we have a brand new dress and like-new shoes! You can’t beat that!

dress with sneakers

I hope this spring season brings you continued success, see you soon with more great finds from Goodwill!

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