BCBG and Me!


Peplums have faded from current fashion, but I still love them so much. They are super flattering for curvy girls like me and they can be worked into so many different looks. Cue this Liz Claiborne peplum I found for $4.48. I wore it with a pair of Cache brown dress pants I’ve had forEVER and some Calvin Klein faux snakeskin pumps I’ve had for the same amount of time. Another head to toe Goodwill look for at least 50% less than I would have paid for any single piece at retail!

(Also, for a little while this Spring, I had to bring tissues with me everywhere I went. Thankfully, the oaks have relented!)

Ah yes, the day I found this top was a really good Goodwill day. Let’s reflect for a moment….ahhhhhh…..


Nothing like a good bathroom selfie! I forgot to snap an elevator pic this morning and wanted to see if bathroom > elevator…I decided to discontinue the trend. That being said, it did give me a pretty good opportunity to show you my “new” BCBG blouse! This blouse had a weird pea greenish twin I left behind…don’t judge me. It wouldn’t have gone with anything! But this had a regular price tag of $4.48 and puffy sleeves and I was just smitten. It doesn’t hurt that it would run about $100 brand new!

The Merona pencil skirt and faux-suede Jessica Simpson pumps capped off a perfectly classy little outfit and you know they came from Goodwill too. I promise to never disgrace something so nice with a bathroom photo ever again!

A little note on the necklace–it’s a flying bird made out of shell that I’ve loved since I was a little girl. When my grandmother died many, many years ago, it was passed down to me and remains one of my favorite pieces to this day!

I don’t look for much jewelry at Goodwill anymore (because I really don’t need any!) but I like the sentiment behind wearing something that someone else once loved and carrying on its legend.

What are some of your favorite hand-me-down pieces, either purchased or inherited?

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