Baby Showers & Sweet Savings


It’s been one of those years again where everyone around me is having babies and it seems like it’s all happening at once! I had THREE invites on one day a few weeks ago and had to pick which baby to shower. My Goodwill outfit just happened to coordinate perfectly!

Old Navy t shirt from Goodwill: $4

Pencil skirt from Goodwill: $6

Generic brand wedges from Goodwill: <$8? I’ve had these for a while.

Hubby is unusually not sporting anything from Goodwill this time. I assure you, that doesn’t mean we paid full price for anything!

huntress and hubby

Other than baby showers, we’ve been not doing much *fun* stuff lately. So my fun stuff has been pairing fun new things in my closet!

Liz Claiborne tee from Goodwill: $5

LuLaRoe skirt from Goodwill: $6

Aldo banana heels from Goodwill: $7

Looking sharp for under $20: PRICELESS!

(Also, bathroom photo because I haven’t been caught yet.)

goodwill outfit

Casual Friday!!! I was excited to wear these new capris I snagged a few weeks ago. I hate to report that they’re that fun material that fits wonderfully at the beginning of the day and much like a diaper at the end. I prefer things with a bit of stretch to them so they retain their shape. Another Old Navy tee in a similar color to the baby shower shirt and my studded Vince Camuto heels! Another entire outfit from Goodwill for less than $20!

Goodwill outfit

Where do you buy most of your work clothes? Hopefully your answer is Goodwill! Happy Hunting!

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